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Bill Brewer is a phenomenal agent. Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in securing the insurance you need at a great price. I have such confidence in his abilities that he insures me for life, auto and my small business. I highly recommend Bill for any of your insurance needs.

Barry B.

We have been with East Pasco Insurance for over six years or so and they have been excellent. The keep us informed and up to date on any changes or discounts. We have multiple properties, they do our homeowners insurance, auto and motorcycle. I do not plan on going anywhere, they do a good job for us.

Brent P.

Bill Brewer and his staff were so kind to me when I called the other day. I was always happy with them, but when I had a few concerns and questions that I wanted some answers about they were more than willing to help me and give me the answers that I needed to know. I really liked how they didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear or strategically leave details out. They are an overall great and very trustworthy company to do business with.

Olivia B.

We've had a really great experience with East Pasco Insurance. Bill and his staff did an amazing job keeping me and my wife informed. I am very happy with the pricing and the service that I receive here.

Greg P.

Bill Brewer has been providing us with quality insurance for the last few years. We have been very pleased with his knowledge and his friendliness. I would definitely recommend him. He is very helpful!

Matt T.

I have been a client of Bill Brewer for about 5 to 6 years. They have provided my home owners insurance. Bill and the staff have always treated me very well. I really love the personal attention I get here, its hard to find that at other insurance companies.

Sandra M.

We have had our insurance through Bill for as long as we have owned he house. He does a great job for us and I would definitely recommend him to others. He is very dedicated to his clients.

Patricia W.

Bill Brewer has been doing an excellent job for us. He explains everything perfectly, and keeps us in the loop of any changes that may happen. I would recommend him.

Ryan K.

I have my auto, motorcycle and house insurance through them. It's all going really well, and I like working with them. They are great home-town people and I appreciate how hands on they are.

Craig F.

Bill Brewer does a great job explaining everything and helping all of his clients fully understand the product they are buying. I will definitely be recommending Bill and East Pasco Insurance to friends and family looking for honest and quality coverage.

Joe M.

East Pasco Insurance is no comparison to our previous insurance! I'm upset we didn't know about them sooner. Our cost dropped so much when we switched over and the customer service is amazing. My family and I love East Pasco Insurance!

Patty F.

Bill is such a great guy! I am happy to be working with him and I trust him 100% ..he really knows his stuff about insurance and getting me the lowest rates!

Mark S.

Bill and his staff have been great. It's been over 5 years that I have been working with him. I am thankful to have found someone as knowledgeable as him.

Lydia B.

It's been years that I have been working with Bill and it has been great. He is very knowledgeable and does a great job for all of his clients.

Sandra D.

Great policy coverage. Very helpful, honest, and genuine. Very thankful for such a great, trustworthy insurance carrier.

Drew C.

East Pasco Insurance handles my property insurance. I really like how confident and knowledgeable my agent is. She really knows her stuff.

Drew P.

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